When is the HHF Shemozzle?

The HHF Shemozzle is held annually on the first weekend following Labour Weekend (last few days of October – first few days of November)

Do I have to have a dog to run in the Shepherds' Shemozzle?

Yes. The dog must be of Huntaway Breed or have Huntaway in them. Your dog must be able to bark on command if required. No Bitches on heat will be allowed. Not recommended for old or retired dogs. Dogs need to be fit and of able condition, not injured. Test of the toughest and fittest. Dogs need to have their vaccinations and worming up to date – you may be required to show records.

What is the age limit to run in the Shepherds' Shemozzle?

You must be at least 16 years old. There is no upper age limit. However, the course is roughly 3kms of hills, mud slides, swamps, water obstacles and other obstacles that change each year. So you need to have some physical fitness. Anyone who is 35yrs+ is eligible to compete as a Master.

Can my dog be on a lead around the course?

Dogs must be “free running” during the Shepherds' Shemozzle race, otherwise you are disqualified. You may take part in the race with your dog on a lead, but you will not be eligible for any prizes.

Can I “mark” my dog, so they are easier to tell apart from all the other dogs?

Your dog must be in its natural state for the race. No spray paint marking, no big coloured bows, no jackets, etc...

Can I run the Shepherds' Shemozzle with a pup?

Dogs need to be of fit and able condition. They must be “free running” (no leads, cannot be carried around course or you will be disqualified). They must take part in a number of obstacles (and there is a huge crowd). If your young dog is able to do those things, you are more than welcome to compete with them.

Does my dog have to be up-to-date with vaccinations/worm treatments?

All dogs need to be wormed (up to a month before, you will need to supply a worming certificate) and we recommend that they be up-to-date with their vaccinations (parvo/lepto.). We strongly recommend (on veterinary advise) that they have had a kennel cough vaccine (within 12mths of Shemozzle Day). It is in yours and your dogs best interests that you follow this advise.

What if my dog is injured during the race?

A vet will check dogs before the race to make sure they are fit and healthy (any dogs that are not, will be unable to race, no refunds!). A vet is available during and after the race for any injured dogs.

What if I have an allergy and cannot eat what is at the food table?

We will endeavour to make sure there is an alternative option (just as nasty as the first option) for those that cannot (for health reasons) eat the provided food challenge. However, if the food challenge cannot be completed, you will be disqualified.

What happens if I am disqualified?

You are still allowed to finish the race. However, you will not be eligible for any prizes.

How many people do I need to compete in the Station Challenge?

The Station Challenge is run as part of the Shepherds' Shemozzle and scored on aggregate points as your team mates finish the race. Three or more can be entered. But it’s the first three from the station home that count towards the points.

Who can run in the Station Challenge?

You need at least three from the same station to compete in the Station Challenge. You must all work for the same “Station”. “Station” is defined as a farm business of one or more properties run by the same family/company. You can be full or part time employed by the Station. You can only have your name down for one Station.

How old do I have to be to run in the Children’s Shemozzle?

You must attend primary, intermediate or NZ home schooling and be aged 9yrs to 13 years old (up to and including year 8 at school)

What is the Interschool Challenge?

There is an Interschool Challenge in both the Children’s and Teens’ Shemozzle races. Three or more can be entered. The winner is determined by aggregate score.

How old do I have to be to run in the Teens’ Shemozzle?

You must be enrolled at a Secondary School or Home School and be aged 13 yrs to 18 yrs old.

What is the Teen Ag Challenge?

If you are a member of a Teen Ag Club within your school, you can compete for the Teen Ag Shield. There needs to be at least three of you from the same club. The winner is determined by aggregate score.

Can I enter the Teen Ag Challenge and the Interschool Challenge for the Teens’ Shemozzle?

No, you can only enter one.

Who can enter the Family Race?

This event is for a team of two. One child and one adult. The child must be registered to race in the Children’s Shemozzle. The adult must be the parent or legal guardian of the child.

Can I enter both the Teens’ and Shepherds' Shemozzle?

No, you can only enter one.

I’m registered to compete in the Shemozzle, but I can’t make it now. What happens?

All registration fees are non-refundable. We would appreciate you letting us know that you cannot attend, as we have long wait lists and someone will gladly take your spot. You cannot send someone else to race in your place. If you do not show up to pre-race registration, you will not be given your “doggie bag”.

I’m registered to compete in the Shemozzle, do I have to go to pre-race registration and the race briefing?

It is compulsory for all competitors to attend pre-race registration and their race briefing. Failure to do so will mean you will not be allowed to race. The times for these will have been emailed to you. You can also find them on the HHF Shemozzle Timetable.

What do I need to race?

You will have been emailed before race day with all the things you need to know. Please make sure you thoroughly read those emails. There will also be lists of important things to know at your pre-race registration. You will also be informed of important race information at the race briefing (that is why you must attend those two things). Please note that unless told otherwise, you will need nothing out of your “doggie bags” for the race.

Where can I buy Shemozzle Merchandise from?

This is available all year round and on the day from the Hunterville Village Bookshop. Or you can contact info@shemozzle.co.nz for more details.

Can anyone have a stall?

We are open to a wide range of stalls and encourage you to apply. Our main condition is that you do not compete with the event BBQ. All stall holders will need to be approved by the Stall Holder Coordinator. You will need to comply with our Health and Safety Policy, and if selling food, you will need all of the appropriate food safety certificates.

Can anyone be a sponsor?

We gratefully accept all sponsorship. We have seven different levels available from Contributor ($1+), up to Platinum ($5000+). You can email sponsorship@shemozzle.co.nz for more information or call into the Shemozzle Office on the day.